How to install Xiaomi Air purifier Mod Chip to your 3H 3C or Pro device.

Step 1:
Remove the power cord and wait until the device is fully powered off.
Failing of this step has a high risk of electric shock or damaging the air purifier.

Step 2:
Turn the device upside down.

Remove the four rubber feet. (I used a flat screwdriver to wiggle them out)

Step 3.5:
Remove the four Phillips screws underneath the rubber feet.

Locations of the rubber feet. (under there are Phillips screws)

Step 4:
Remove the Black cover (hold the edges near the rubber feat and wiggle)

Cover removed,

Step 5:
DO NOT TOUCH THE MIDDLE PART!! IT WILL HURT AF OR YOU CAN DIE!!! (Even with the power cord not in the device, some large capacitors can still hold an electric charge)
Ps. I’ve tried it. Burned two small holes in my fingers and hurt for days…..

Read the warning again.
Now remove the four screws highlighted in the image above. Lo and behold: The Xiaomi NFC PCBA


Step 7:
Remove the two screws, and replace the XIAOMI NFC PCBA for the MODCHIP.

Final result should look like this:

Xiaomi Air Purifier with modchip installed.

Step 8:
Do all the steps backwards starting with step 6

Step 9 :
Party! you’ve done it! Congrats 🙂

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