How to install the Open Duco Mini

Step 1 : Remove all the Cables

Very important :Unplug the power cable! Failing to do this may cause serious harm or death!! If you don’t know what you are doing or don’t understand the steps below. Please ask someone for assistance. Or call in a professional.

Verify that you disconnected the power cable! (check, double check)

Now press the orange flags with a flathead screw driver and pull out the wires.

Image of where to disconnect the cables

Step 2: Remove the four screws

Image of the original Duco Mainboard (screws highlited)

Now remove the old Duco mainboard. These are worth selling on a second hand site.

Step 3: Insert Open Duco Mini

Open Duco mini Installation.

Screw the Four screws back in.

Step 4: Insert wiring

Very important: First push the orange flag and insert the cable at the same time. It is very important that you make a good connection! This is done by inserting the cable as deep as you can. After you’ve inserted the cable: stop pushing the orange flag. Give the cable a bit of a thug to make sure it is in there tight.

Power input wiring

Connect the Input plug to the bottom connector: Power Input

Pin 1: Brown (AC/L)
pin 2: Green/Yellow (Earth)
Pin 3: Blue (AC/N)

Motor Power Cable Pinout

Connect the motor power cable: Motor Output

Pin 1: Blue(AC/N)
pin 2: Green/Yellow (Earth)
Pin 3: Black(AC/L)

Motor Signal Cable

Connect motor signal cable

Pin 1: Blue
Pin 2: Red
Pin 3 : Yellow
Pin 4: White.

Now you are done!

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